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Feel you might have a collector car but don't know if it qualifies or how to insure it properly? Not sure what agreed value is? Give us a call; we specialize in this kind insurance and we have collector cars of our own.

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Antique & Collector Cars

These unique vehicles are often a person's pride an joy. Their history, use, and value can be very different from your daily driver cars. With this in mind, why would you want your insurance company rating and valuing them like a regular, private-passenger vehicle? 

If you have these insured on a regular automobile policy you run the risk of not getting their true value, should you have an accident.  AOA West Insurance can provide products for everything from restoration projects to street rods and antique / collector vehicles – and always on an “Agreed Value” basis.

Valuable Corvette with Unique Insurance Product photo
Antique and Collector Car Insurance - 1946 Ford photo

I have been using AOA West for close to twenty years now for all my insurance needs and I could not be any more pleased with the service. Having a passion for Antique, Collector Cars I was looking for a relationship, not just an insurance company and that is why I am still with AOA West. They have been very flexible, proactive and have always kept my best interests in mind which has provided me the confidence I need. Dan L, Tigard, OR